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The Jinks Traditional Fruitcake

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Our family tradition dates back nearly 60 years, when Gerald and Violet Jinks began to produce their fruitcake, one of the finest products of the bakers' art, in a small bakery in Oswego, Kansas. Since that time their fruitcake has grown into a regional holiday tradition. Each year people look forward to the fall season and Jinks's fruitcakes at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Many incorporate them into their gift giving and our cakes are mailed throughout the U.S. What could be easier than giving us your mailing list and letting us do the rest?

We take pride in the fact that Gerald's original recipe is still being used and that each of our fruitcakes is carefully handmade using only the highest quality ingredients including Kansas-grown pecans. There are absolutely no extra fillers, mixes, citrus peels, or alcohol in our traditional cakes.

With the passing of Gerald, the second generation, Jerry and Cheryl Jinks are carrying on the family tradition still with Mom's help, we are happy to say. Our cakes are made from October through December each year and may be available through January at our various area outlets. Check locations for more information or give us a call at 620-597-2603.

We invite you visit us at our shop and try a sample of our traditional fruitcake to see that it is the best you've ever tasted! Once you try it, we know you will be back!

Happy holidays from the Jinks family!

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